The Daily Habits of Success


I came across this quote¬†and naturally I felt compelled to share it with you all ūüôā

“We are what we repeatedly do.¬† Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit”.¬† ¬†¬†-Aristotle-

As I walked into the gym early this morning at 5:30 AM….. I found myself pondering the above statement while thinking to myself, how simple but also how true and powerful!¬† Life, for the most part, does not happen by accident.¬† What we do on a daily basis or what we’re able to achieve depends entirely on what¬†we choose¬†to do with our time and opportunities in those exact moments.¬† I can either show up and coast or I can push the threshold¬†of my abilities to keep generating that physical and mental growth that I know is important to me.

Sure one can argue that our behavior or the output in our lives is a by-product of our environment or that we’re “preconditioned” to live our lives a certain way perhaps as a result of our upbringing or other surrounding¬†influencing habits.¬† But the brutal truth that we all must face is that we become complacent or comfortable with the path we’re currently on only making it more difficult to implement the necessary changes to help achieve that greatness we all so desire.

Furthermore, I know we’re all afraid to fail.¬† It’s uncomfortable, embarrassing at times, and it can be downright scary.¬† But rather than give ourselves a chance by trying, learning and growing…. instead, we avoid taking action altogether providing zero chance at achieving any sort of success or growth.¬† We run the other direction.¬† Why do we all do this to ourselves!!!¬† We need to stop getting in our own way.¬†¬†I’m just as guilty as everybody else at times too, although I’ve been making a conscious effort to challenge myself on a daily basis.

First off…. It’s easy to get wrapped up in big picture things, right….. the goals or outcomes we’re shooting for which at times seem SO far away or unattainable that in turn, it sort of deflates our motivation to pursue these goals altogether.¬† It’s easy to become distracted or even worse, we lose the faith or confidence in the truth that ANY dream we desire can ultimately become a reality with enough effort and grit put forth.¬† For me, this is when our mental toughness comes into play and especially¬†the personal accountability.¬† Nobody is going to do it for you.

I’ve learned a lot through my own trial and error and do know for certainty that our daily habits truly do matter and they start to add up at some point showing the tangible growth.¬† But the problem at times is that we don’t see the results soon enough!¬† Me personally…. there are goals I started working towards and to be honest, it was BRUTAL at first.¬† I wasn’t good at it, I was very uncomfortable, nervous, and quick to have those thoughts of wanting to quit.¬† I would even say to myself…. why the heck am I doing this!

But I didn’t quit.¬† I stuck with it.¬† And after much trial and error, practice, patience, and learning from the mistakes I’ve made (failing forward)…… those same tasks now have a level of comfort.¬† I’ve learned to perform them better, it’s less scary, and they’ve almost provided a renewed sense of confidence within myself.¬† I feel good about it.¬† I’m actually excited to keep pursuing these goals even further because quite frankly, I surprised myself.¬† I’m doing things I never thought were possible before.

It’s the unknown, discomfort, and the fear that stops us dead in our tracks, it paralyzes us.¬† We can’t let it.¬† We need to push through and be okay with uncomfortable.¬† What I do know….¬† yes some of these things are very uncomfortable at first but in time, it gets better.¬† More importantly, at some point you’ll feel that electrifying sense of achievement when you actually see and feel that tangible growth.¬† It’s powerful.¬† It’s passion and fulfillment.¬† And just the fuel we all need to keep striving for that greatness.

Everyday of my life I’m learning and growing.¬† I don’t have all the answers but I do know that if we’re not putting ourselves in a position to be uncomfortable or if we’re not pushing the boundaries of our character or abilities, how do you expect to reach the goals in your life?¬† The brutal truth is that most of us live and achieve about 40% of our full capacity.¬† Crazy right!¬† While leaving so much opportunity and potential on the table.¬† What doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger….. and I truly believe that.

All I can say is this….. put yourself out there…. avoid the noise of the world…. focus on you, your goals, and your personal growth.¬† Get comfortable being uncomfortable.¬† It may be scary and terrifying¬†at first.¬† But what’s waiting on the other side is exactly what you’re looking for.¬† ¬†The growth, confidence, and resilience that will take your life to new levels.¬† It’s that tangible¬†feeling of personal accomplishment that can at times fulfill every bone in your body or give you chills.¬† You put in the work, it was earned, and now better equipped to handle the wrenches life will throw your way.¬† ¬†Nobody can take that away from you!

We all need to go for it.¬† It’s better to try and fail than not try at all.¬† Can you look into the mirror and confidently tell yourself you have done all that you can do to achieve your life goals?¬† Chances are….. probably not.¬† Every single day is a chance to start anew.¬† Let’s do something crazy and surprise ourselves.¬†¬†The only question to ask……. what’s really stopping us???
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