Freedom of Thought, Freedom of Choice


Freedom of Thought, Freedom of Choice
I felt compelled to share some thoughts that have been circling my brain, especially a lot as of lately, as we keep pushing through and trying to adapt to what’s best described as very challenging times.  I think we can all agree that the past 18 months has been a very strange world to live in where we as people have been put under enormous amounts of pressure and stress, and as a result, our mental capacities tested and to the breaking point for many.  We look around to find businesses & economies shutting down, a massive physical and mental health crisis, civil liberties being encroached, distrust like never before, and a world that seems to be at war with itself as shown by the vast division amongst both the government and the mass general population. It’s hard not to feel the constant negativity or fear mongering that has become borderline suffocating and no matter how hard any of us try…..  we cannot escape the pressures of the world we live in.  Even mister positive over here feels it!  😉

So what are we supposed to do about it?  Are we maintaining a positive attitude towards life in spite of these things happening?  Or is it easier to complain and become a victim as a result of this “unfair world”?  For me it comes down to these questions the best….. Do we allow ourselves to buy into the dramatics of the world and allow this toxic energy to consume our every thought on a day to day basis?  Or do we take control of ourselves as people and practice the mental strength necessary to overcome the many daily battles we’re most certain to encounter?  As crazy as that may sound, of course we do!  And this is where “freedom of thought and freedom of choice” come into play and learning to become a filter for our day to day well-being.  Over time with intention and practice, we can literally reprogram ourselves or change our mental habits so we can learn to approach adversity and the many daily struggles with logic rather than emotion and at the same time, limiting it’s overall effect on us.It’s rather obvious that we cannot control the many variables of life or every outcome that we experience, but it’s knowing that in spite of it all, we still have the freedom to make a choice and how we will let it affect us.  A choice to limit negativity’s impact and remain strong, positive, and in full control of that “inner voice” which is generally telling us to do otherwise by the way.  We must find that internal conviction within ourselves, lead with passion, and find the courage and strength to stand up against that “inner voice” so we can take back control of our true sense of self.  The mental strength we develop over time is a direct result of the struggles that we endure and our responses to them….. not by taking the path of least resistance.  At times, things can feel impossible to achieve or overcome…… until they’re not.  So please, do not underestimate how much mental strength we truly have and how much it matters.

Look guys… we have every excuse in the book to fall off track right now, to be leary or fearful, buy into the drama, let our mental and physical health slide, slack at work, quit, whine, complain, or carry the burdens of the world on our shoulders.  There’s no shortage of adversity right now, that’s for sure….. and we all can feel it.  Like mostly everyone, we have good days and bad days, and even those who consider themselves mentally strong have their own struggles to bear.  None of us are perfect, we are human, and we cannot control what happens in life and there will always be events, decisions, or incidents that will carry a negative impact.  It’s inevitable.  But more importantly, we can learn to manage it all better.  And not only that, but we can literally flip negativity or adversity on it’s backside and use it as a catalyst within our day to day lives.  Stay hard in character and find that burning desire to improve.

So where do we start?  How do we manage things better?  Here are a few tips or pieces of advice to consider:

Be a Filter for your Life:  What we feed into our brain matters greatly and 100% directly correlates to our everyday mood.  Stop watching the news, it’s 95% all negativity.  Limit your social media time and do not engage yourself into these tail chasing disputes or arguments online, it’s pointless and a waste of energy.  Read more and/or listen to audiobooks.  Eat right and exercise.  Surround yourself with people who enhance you and make you better.  Learn to take all negativity with a grain of salt.  It’s that saying, what you focus on expands.  So let’s focus on better things.  FYI this doesn’t mean we keep our heads in the sand and are blind to the world….. we just choose to limit negativity’s effect by not focusing on it so much.

Check Our Emotions:  Our first response to any negative circumstance is mostly emotional, which oftentimes clouds our judgement and leads to impulsive and irrational decisions.  We must stop and do nothing, and let ourselves process.  I actually give myself a timeout before I do anything to let the initial flood of emotions pass so I can then begin to logically think through the situation and make a clear and decisive decision.  It’s ok to feel, but always make decisions from a calm and focused state of being which generally leads to better results.  Don’t take everything personal either….. this world can be cruel at times and it will impact us, but we can choose whether or not it ongoingly affects us.

Stay Positive: Do not underestimate the power of positivity.  This alone can not only provide the foundation needed to weather any storm, but it can be the exact fuel we need to thrive in the midst of chaos.  A “glass half full” approach has a way of positioning our frame of mind to always see the opportunity under any circumstance which in reality is a position of strength in itself.  A positive frame of mind leads to positive thoughts and actions which increases the chances for a positive outcome, it’s as simple as that, and we must learn to see adversity as an opportunity to learn and grow.  Mindset matters greatly so let’s learn to counteract or stop those negative thoughts altogether because it’s mostly a complete waste of time and energy.  Have you ever met the most miserable and nasty person?  Sure, we all have.  And I can promise you they haven’t always been that way.  Point being, negativity is like cancer and it will spread if we let it.  But fortunately for us, we’re in control and the exact antidote we need.

Find the Joy:  Life is not about the destinations that we all strive for, but the true joy comes from the journey itself and all that comes with it, both good and bad.  Whether it’s our personal life or at work, life is meant to be enjoyed, explored, and boundaries pushed.  Why do you do the things you do?  What little things make you happy on a daily basis?  Work out, take a walk on the beach, appreciate mother nature, learn a new skill, get involved in the community, and take a chance or risk.  Life is not meant to fit neatly in a box all the time, we must truly live and let our natural passion and curiosity lead the way.  If you’re bored out of your mind or miserably unhappy…… then change it.  Do things you love and watch that energy transfer into other areas of your life.  The “joys of life” become our baseline or things we can lean on during times of struggle.

Keep the Faith:  Faith, by definition, is the complete trust and confidence in someone or something but at the same time is based completely upon spiritual apprehension rather than actual proof itself.  Essentially, it’s believing in what we cannot see.  For me personally, it’s knowing that if we do as many of the right things in both business and our personal lives, in the end things will always work out.  And I do believe that with complete conviction.  Sure there are ebbs and flows or things that don’t always go our way, but my faith is strong, not easily deterred, and is the foundation that keeps me going.  Because eventually, it will work out.   Find that belief in yourself, with who you are, and that unwavering conviction in what you do, even when the results are not readily observable.  Be the rock we need to be.  The truth is we’re all much stronger than we know and probably give credit for, so stay focused and driven.

I know things are tough out there right now for many people….. and it truly breaks my heart.  I’m not sure how you all feel but we must refuse to become a victim of circumstance, buy into the negativity of the world, let outside influences dictate how we should think and feel, or become a limitation to our personal growth.  The way we fight back and win against bad things happening or the constant negativity all around us is to pull up our bootstraps, dig in, and take full control of our lives while limiting the effects of the outside world back into our brains.  Be strong, relentless, intentional in thought, decisive in action, and find that personal conviction in everything we do.  Stay positive, upbeat, and learn to filter out the garbage of the world.  Appreciate people, lean on each other, love and be loved, admire mother nature, and find the little hidden joys in our day to day flow.   Focus on the important things…. because remember, what we focus on expands….. and fortunately for us all, the choice is our freedom to make.

Love you guys and hope we can all keep moving forward together in this crazy world we live in!

Have a great day everyone!

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