Are You Living Your Best Life???


With so much uncertainty going on in the world as of lately I think it’s pretty safe to say that we’re all being tested as human beings in one form or another.  It seems that most of us have done a pretty good job enduring these challenging times and adapting to our circumstances, although I know it hasn’t been easy either.  Before diving into my latest thoughts I wanted to preface this by saying, “living our best life” is probably one of the most important topics that we can work on as human beings.  To me, this is all about finding that true and authentic joy within our day to day life, learning to maximize our potential or output, and it’s the continuous process of strengthening our character to ensure we’re equipped internally to withstand the many curveballs life will inevitably throw our way.  I hope this message can provide some much needed encouragement in a time like this but more importantly, help us all realize that we’re more in control of our daily well-being than we probably give credit for.  The first step is demanding more of yourself, then actually doing something about it. 

So what does it mean to be “living our best life”?  For starters, that is a very loaded question!  But it all starts by knowing and owning who we are as people, understanding our place in the world, showing up every single day determined with a strong positive mindset (whether we feel like it or not), always staying focused on the goals or tasks at hand, and finding that conviction and passion in everything we do.  Furthermore, we must learn to cater to the strengths of our personality, do things we enjoy, find a healthy work/life balance, always be kind and respectful, and really just try to live each day with a sense of purpose while positively affecting those around us.  It’s holding ourselves directly accountable for the results in our life and the way we feel about it.  We can’t control everything in life or filter out all negativity, but we can however limit how it affects us.  Blaming others and making excuses only exposes our own internal weakness and lack of personal conviction.  This is called taking extreme ownership for the way we feel, think, and live because regardless of circumstance, we always have a choice and nobody will do it for us either.  This motto can pretty much sum it up, “tomorrow, I will be and do better than today”.

But let’s be honest, we all have good days and bad days, face constant adversity, or we coast through life allowing the natural currents of daily circumstance dictate our path and feelings.  On the good days, we can feel so certain about life, who we are, where we’re heading, and that connection between our core inner purpose and how we live is very much in sync.  Our energy is good, balanced, confident, and things just feel easy or seem to fall into place.   But on the flip side, which mind you can be that very next day, we can feel lost, frustrated, lack purpose and drive, or feel like the forces of the world are working against us.  Our energy is low, perhaps slightly depressed, and we begin questioning everything we do.  It’s hard to stay optimistic and we let this negative energy seep into every aspect of our life thus hindering our growth.  These feelings or emotions we share are the common threads that bind us together as human beings and allow us to relate in one form or another, empathize with what we’re going through, and perhaps finally realize that we’re not the only ones, at times, feeling in the “cross heirs of life”.  And it’s ok, we’re all human, and it’s important that we lean on each other.  

All too often we fall into the groove of life becoming complacent with our mostly monotonous daily routines that we lose sight of those driving forces and convictions that help push us forward as people and professionals.  Or we think that money, a promotion, change of career, a dramatic gesture, or the “things” of life will inject that much needed positive change we all so desire.  Sure, it might help temporarily, but that does not address the underlying cause and is no solution towards achieving long term sustainable personal fulfillment. Happiness and success are not some picture perfect utopian type destination where it’s all sunshine and rainbows, or a state of being we just one day stop at because we’ve finally arrived.  But rather, happiness at the root level is fluid, constantly moving, and a journey that requires daily effort.  It’s possessing strong problem-solving and coping skills to help tackle the many challenges that will inevitably come our way.  We all have problems, struggles, and failures; it’s just that some of us are mentally equipped to handle these circumstances better than others and learn to use that energy as fuel to drive us forward as people.  

We need to accept the fact that none of us are perfect and learn to be more honest, forgiving, and vulnerable with ourselves.  Sure, the imperfections, challenges, or scars we’ve incurred along the way have adversely impacted us at some point or another, but they also tell our story, helped shape who we are today, and oftentimes become our greatest strengths in life.  We get too caught up with worldly expectations, perceptions, and the constant social pressure that we actually fail to live our own truth, mostly as a result of judgement or fear.  We become prisoners in our own body trapped by surrounding influence or circumstance, enabling ourselves into believing those are just the cards we were dealt or the way things are.  That is a complete waste of time and energy.  Stop worrying about what other people might think, do, or say because the truth is, there will always be negativity in this world and allowing others to dictate how we feel is no way to live.  Although we cannot control everything that happens to us, we do have the choice to respond in a positive manner and dictate how we feel about it.

So what’s the solution?  It all starts with the strength of our mindset, truly believing you can do anything you put your mind to, and implementing the necessary “prioritize and execute” approach to ensure we’re taking constant action directed towards our personal goals and inner fulfillment.  The only way to truly “live your best life” is to address yourself inwardly, take back control of who you are, what you stand for, how you live, and make peace with who you are as a person (both good and bad).  It’s about taking absolute ownership for the way you think or feel, and having the heart and mental toughness to move forward with conviction in light of constant adversity.  We must stay true to the foundation of our character and beliefs, learn to follow our instincts, don’t overthink, be confident in ourselves, control what we can control, and learn to find joy within the simple pleasures of life.  The only difference between those with an average output vs the high achievers is the ability to remove negative or counterproductive thoughts/people/influences as much as possible, are always determined to try/fail/learn/grow, and consistently show up with drive, intention, and purpose to prove your commitment to personal growth.

I do know one thing for certain…. nobody is going to do it for us and it is entirely up to the reflection we see in the mirror to either start controlling our lives, or it will without a doubt continue to control us.  Living our best life is understanding that success, happiness, or fulfillment do not originate from worldly things or influences, but rather, personal fulfillment is rooted internally as human beings and found within our daily thoughts and actions.   It all starts with effort, intention, and the sheer will power to take more control of our journey while pushing past the status quo of life.  Stop playing the victim or looking for the easy road out because guess what, news flash everyone…  the world doesn’t owe us a thing and I hate to say it, but most people don’t care nor will they do it for you.  I know this may seem harsh but it’s also the truth we need to hear. There’s no room for excuses or time to soak in our own self pity, be responsible for the results in our life, keep living your truth, and quite simply, let’s OWN IT!!!  Prioritize your life one day at time and execute the change you desire to achieve.  It’s the little things done consistently over time that amount to extraordinary positive results.  It might not be readily observable at first…. it can take days, weeks, months, or even years depending on your personal goals, but I promise it is so worth it.  Let’s do better… it’s as simple as that.  Who’s with me???

Cheers to us all and our continued pursuit of inner greatness! 


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