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We pride ourselves upon our market & product knowledge, transactional experience, and the superior customer service we provide to our clients. No brokerage in SW Florida is equipped like Domain Realty to provide such value and insight to help buyers make informed real estate decisions. Who you work with matters a great deal and you’ll certainly understand the value we bring to the table.

Building Strong Relationships:

Our first priority is to build the trust and confidence for a quality client/agent relationship to exist.  It’s important that we learn more about you and your situation, the wants/needs you have in mind, and better understand your goals that we can accomplish together in the real estate world. We are never thinking about the next sale, but rather, our motivation is to build a life long satisfied client because our business thrives on referrals.  But that also must be earned.

Shop & Compare:

Helping buyers making “informed” real estate decisions is what we’re all about. From a big picture that involves knowing the communities and locations within the scope of your criteria, helping you understand the pros/cons of each, and making sure you are well aware of all the comparable sales data before making any offers.  Shopping by comparison is really what helps you understand the true value of any particular property and also what makes the decision making process that much easier to commit to.  The numbers paint a clear picture and it’s our job to make sure you see it.

Other Affiliated Services & Contacts:

To most, buying a home is single handedly the largest investment we’ll make in our lifetime so it’s extremely important that we use the right vendors when it comes to obtaining your mortgage, hiring a home inspector, attorney, or title company.  What about title insurance, homeowners insurance, home-watch services, locksmith, or a general contractor for some remodel work?  We take our vendor referrals very seriously and only provide quality providers who have a proven track record with Domain Realty. Give us a call today to ask about our local vendors that are here to help.

Negotiate Best Price & Terms:

This is when working with a Domain Realtor can make all the difference in the world. It’s knowing the local market and sales data so we know how to best position ourselves and leverage the circumstances to your advantage. Having the experience to know what methods work the best and where/when we can make a harder push. If you’re buying new construction, knowing what incentives are being offered, title insurance, interest rates (if using a builder’s lender), and having the knowledge to know which homes are the most negotiable are some of the most important traits of a good realtor. A good agent can save you thousands in negotiations so please choose wisely.

Closing & Post Closing Services:

We work hard throughout the entire transaction to earn a satisfied client for life.  That means making sure every detail gets addressed with care, and that we’re also here long after closing to make sure you are supported along the way. Connecting you with the HOA for any gate passes or amenity access keys, setting up water and electricity in a timely manner, and making sure you have all the resources you need to take those next steps after closing. 

We pride ourselves on being an asset to you every step of the way…. and beyond.

Market & Product Research:

This is a BIG part of what we do.  There are so many options to consider, how do you know where to start? We’ll take the time to educate you on the communities & locations you are interested in, and provide considerations based upon your initial criteria and feedback along the way. We’ll help you better understand the market prices, taxes, HOA fees, the CDD (if applicable), amenities, social activities, flood zones, local attractions, resale value, rental income potential, and every other little detail that weighs into your decision making process.

Transactional Knowledge:

There are a lot of moving parts throughout the course of a real estate transaction so your buyer’s agent will make you well aware of all timelines and expectations of the transactions to keep you well informed every step of the way. From the moment you go under contract the clock is ticking to complete items such as your initial escrow deposit, making loan application, scheduling your home inspection, negotiating any repairs or credits, making sure the appraisal and survey get completed, and making sure insurance quotes get shopped. These are just some of the steps along the way.  Transactional knowledge is vital to the success of your purchase.

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FAQ's for Buyers

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