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What Is Domain Realty All About

We are a growing real estate brokerage in Southwest Florida and have quickly established ourselves as one of the leading brands to be associated with. 

At the core of what we do it’s all about providing our agents with a quality driven & highly recognizable brand, setting you up with the necessary tools to stay efficient, and providing full Broker support you can always count on so you can stay focused on building your successful real estate business. 

Whether you’re brand new to real estate or a seasoned SWFL realtor, Domain has the support you need to help build a successful real estate career.

What Sets Domain Realty Apart

It’s quite simple actually, on average Domain Realty Agents sell more in both transactions and total sales volume than any other 100% brokerage in all of SWFL on a per agent basis.

Domain Realty is considered the “Floyd Mayweather” of the real estate world and consistently ranks as one of the top brokerages in all of SWFL.

Domain tends to attract many established and successful real estate professionals so it’s safe to say you’d be in good company.

At Domain, iron truly does sharpen iron and that “Domain Difference” is all about providing that competitive advantage to our many hardworking associates.  And the numbers prove it!

Domain Has Been Called A “Hybrid Brokerage”

We are a “hybrid” type brokerage because although we are a 100% commission company on the surface, we also have many teams that operate within the brokerage on traditional split structures with team leaders.

Furthermore, Domain has struck the perfect balance between being a very tech savvy & forward thinking company with the ability to leverage today’s technologies better than most, yet at the same time, we’re old school at heart and value many of the more traditional methods of the real estate business allowing us to better prepare our agents for future success in this highly competitive business.

We are “hybrid” in many ways!

Come Check Us Out

Are you unhappy or tired of feeling like just a number? Are you looking for that strong backbone where you can grow your business?

If so, we’re always looking to add more quality driven people to the Domain Realty family! Please feel free to call, text, email, or better yet, come on in and check us out. We’d love to learn more about you as well to see if we’re a good fit for each other.

Domain Realty is the positive change you’ve been looking for. We look forward to earning your trust and confidence as a brokerage!

Our Valued Services

Training/Broker Support

Whether you’re brand new or have been in the Real Estate game for years, we help hone your craft. Domain provides the comfort & confidence to truly empower your business.

Office Support/Staff

Domain offers full brick & mortar offices, with multiple locations throughout SW Florida for all of our agents to use. Domain has the BEST in-house support staff and we’re VERY efficient as a result.

Teams/Independent Agents Welcome

Unlike other brokerages, we love teams. Grow one, create one, or join one… at Domain. We are here to support your growth and help guide along the way.

Free Back-Office Tools

Each Domain agent receives our proprietary CRM for managing your leads which will help you close more deals. You also get a high quality/functional IDX Website, a Streamlined Review Service, and an AppFiles account to manage all contracts & e-signatures.

Fun Exciting Culture

At Domain, we feel Real Estate can be fun and we’ve struck the perfect balance between being easy going, yet, highly effective at what we do. The people of Domain are the heart & soul of it all and they truly enjoy being here. Ask them!

Global Reach/Recognition

Domain has a dominating internet presence that is second to none. “We see you everywhere” is a common response. We’re not afraid to spend the necessary money to keep boosting our presence and enhancing our brand.


What are your commission splits?

We are a 100% company so you keep 100% of your commission, it’s as simple as that!  We do have teams that operate within Domain Realty, which is always an option to consider, but those teams do come with a traditional split structure along with some additional resources.

Is there a desk fee?

Yes, the monthly desk fee is $100.

What resources will I be provided when I join Domain?

We set you up to succeed from the very start….. you’re equipped with an AppFiles account for all contracts/document storage/e-signature capabilities, your own high-quality/functional/adaptive IDX website, a custom built CRM for you to help manage your database/follow-up/drip campaigns, and lastly a review service that we streamline for you after each and every closing and auto-push to your website,, & other social media accounts.  We have many other resources such as community/city maps, floor plans, contract comparison guides, etc that you’ll find available in your AppFiles account.

What other brokerage related costs will I incur?

Beyond your $100 a month desk fee, the only other brokerage related cost is a $295 transaction fee per side per closing.

Do you have a new agent training program?

The straight answer is yes but not the typical training you’ll find out there.  We have training covering Domain Realty 101 type stuff, the systems we use, and new agent meetings to help with the learning curve. Our new agent training is more hands on and internship style instead of boiler plate templated type training. We believe in the individual, what works for you might not work for the next, so we learn to play to YOUR strengths which has a much better chance at success. The 1 on 1 support you’ll find at Domain is not very common and I stand by it 100%. We have a high success ratio with new agents, but then again, we also don’t take on every new agent we interview.

What forms of training or continuing education do you provide?

At the foundation of what we do, it’s ALWAYS about stepping up our game.  From our many monthly trainings, to resource guides, tips/thoughts/news of the week, help videos or podcasts, vendor updates, and really just being a culture of people that are constantly improving our knowledge as real estate professionals. That’s the value we bring to the table.  They say you become a product of your environment and I can promise you there’s a TON of quality people and agents at Domain.

Do you have a mentor program?

Yes we sure do have a mentorship program.  We can pair you up with a more experienced agent within Domain to shadow and have at your disposal for an agreed upon period of time or number of transactions, generally splitting the commission 50/50.  But it’s all negotiable and agreed upon beforehand in writing to protect the interest of all parties and provide clarity to the agreement.

Is there mandatory office hours or desk duty?

No mandatory hours or desk duty.

Are commissions paid immediately upon closing?

Upon closing taking place, the transaction has now “funded” which means all monies can now go to their appropriate place.  Either the check comes to Domain Realty and within 24 to 48 hours your check will be ready for pick up or you can fill out the “Broker Authorization Form for Direct Payment” which then allows you to get paid directly at closing from the closing agent when the transaction funds.

What is the company culture like?

To be honest… that’s what really sets Domain apart.  We are a very collaborative, open sharing, and a help each other type atmosphere where you’ll find a lot of long standing relationships under the Domain umbrella. Overall, we’re very easy going, have fun, but at the same time we’re very good at what we do.  It’s hard to explain until you actually feel it for yourself. I encourage you to call one of our many agents to ask about us.  You’ll get honest feedback.

Why should I choose an independent brokerage instead of a franchise firm?

There are pros & cons to every office you step foot in.  You need to figure out what’s going to be the best environment for YOU to excel and succeed in the real estate business.  Trust your gut.  Regardless of the move you make is sort of a “leap of faith” because the truth is, you don’t know until you know.  The good news is…. Domain has an open door, no strings attached policy.  Our agents want to be here.

What types of advertising do you do?

We are not only one of the top online marketing companies in the state of FL, but also in the entire US.  We own and operate over 820 websites and pay for enhanced exposure on most visited portals. It’s a long list of things we do but all I can promise you is that Domain offers our clients something most brokerages cannot compete with.  There is such a thing as the “Domain Difference”.

What Makes Domain Realty Different?

We’re a local grass roots company built upon nothing more than sheer hard work, discipline, market/product knowledge, and taking very good care of the agents and clients we’re blessed to work with.

The internet’s opened up a whole world of opportunities and no brokerage leverages today’s technologies better than Domain.

We’re much more than a place to hang your license and sell real estate. Behind the scenes we’re true real estate professionals and have a passion for this business.

Our goal is simple – we’re here to provide the foundation and support to help you succeed in the real estate business and we certainly have fun along the way!

Best Support Staff In Southwest Florida
True Broker Support
100% Commission Or Teams Available
Free Website, CRM, AppFiles, & Review Service
Ongoing Quality Driven Trainings
Office Locations Throughout SW FL

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